A LaRue quick-release tactical mount

A precision optical base


Material6061 aluminum
FinishHard anodized matte gray
Weight5.1 oz
Dimensions2.7" x 2.0" x 1.0"


Product Intel

The Alpha Tarac is an optical accessory with a 1.25" diameter lens that automatically compensates bullet drop so you can switch from CQB to long range instantly with your AR. 

​​​​​Alpha TARAC 1.25" Lens

Compact AR unit 

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Bullet Points about the Alpha Tarac

Automatically factors bullet drop

​The Alpha Tarac compensates bullet drop (aka dope) automatically by shifting a target image using a lens with a specific MOA or MIL value.  For example, 5.56 or .223 rounds drop approximately 11.5 MOA at 500 yrds.  Therefore, we build the Alpha to shift the target image "up" 11.5 MOA at 500 yrds that way you will have to raise your rifle to meet the (higher) target = dope.  You can now run a 25 yrd zero EOTech, and when you want to engage 500 yrds, just flip the Alpha.​​

Switch from CQB to long range instantly

Switch from a 25 yrd CQB zero to a 500 yrd zero (or any other range you want) instantly with your dope factored - point, aim, and shoot.

Use with subsonic

The Alpha Tarac can be used with any round, even subsonic.

Mount anywhere on your rail

The Alpha Tarac can be mounted anywhere in front of your optic (flipping toward or away from your optic) and it will function.  Perfect for Aimpoints and 1-6x scopes.

Swap lenses with just one bolt

Lenses are swapped by simply removing one bolt.  There are no special wrenches or tools with any Tacomhq's products.  Everything is designed with the end user in mind.  Therefore, bolts are commonly found at Ace Hardware or comparable store.

Lenses are highly scratch resistant

Lenses are highly scratch resistant.  We use glass that is harder than most high-end scopes, and meant to be quickly rinsed in a bucket of (soapy) water and left out to dry.  (Keep bolts oiled.)

Does not magnify reticle

Advantage of the Alpha Tarac is unlike a magnifier that enlarges both the target image and reticle, possibly covering your target, the Alpha does not and it only compensates for your bullet drop.  If our unit ever failed or broke, just flip it down or pull it off and you still have a full functionality of your optic.


Tacomhq will cover all manufacturing defects for 1 year.

​Return Policy

All Alpha Tarac units have a 30 day money back guarantee when returned in good-working condition.


Alpha TARAC 1.25" lens

​The Alpha Tarac is an AR pop-up with a 1.25" diameter lens that compensates for bullet drop (aka dope) through the use of lenses.  The Alpha is ideal for Aimpoints and 1-6x scopes.  ​It's out-of-the-box weapon ready, and attaches with a LaRue quick-release.  It's machined from 6061 aluminum, hard anodized matte gray, weighs approximately 5.1 oz, and is 2.7" x 2.0" x 1.0".  Add up to 60.0 MOA.  (MIL or MOA is built to your spec.)


"There's no room for mistake.  Flip it up and you're good to go" - Zach


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