Armor Optic scope protector and POI safeguard

​​Armor Optic is a lightweight, carbon fiber roll-cage to safeguard your scope and POI (point of impact) from hazards, such as being dropped, while allowing you full access to your scope and its controls (even with gloves) and without interfering with visual operation.​  Armor Optic is 100% US built unit machined PVC Type 2 or from 6061 aluminum (depending on version), hard anodized matte gray, and weighs approximately 5 to 10 oz.  Actual weight and size will vary according to scope dimensions and selected add-ons.



Braces (towers)


Rail adapters

Brace MaterialPVC Type 2 or 6061 aluminum
RodsCarbon fiber or reinforced carbon fiber
Finish (if aluminum is selected)Hard anodized matte gray
Weight5.0 - 10.0 oz (depending on selected add-ons)


Brace PropertiesPVC Type 2Aluminum
Chemical ResistantX
Impact ResistanceBestGood

Rod PropertiesCarbon fiberReinforced carbon fiber (fiber glass core)
X (for heavy punishment)

Bullet Points about Armor Optic

Tons of tactical features

It functions as a carry-handle through brush or over obstacles, tactical off-axis shooting platform, lanyard attachment point (such as for open door helicopters), and a make-shift cleaning station.  Each brace are ergonomically engineered to allow you full physical access to your scope and its controls (even with gloves) and not interfere with visual operation.  They are also engineered (in the event of absolute failure) to collapse away from the scope, absorbing and dissipating energy to minimize the risk to the scope and your POI.  

Tacomhq will cover all manufacturing defects for 1 year.

​Return Policy
All Armor Optic units have a 30 day money back guarantee when returned in good-working condition.


"While it may not be immediately appealing to the eye, it serves a purpose in preventing a very real threat to your optics." - Fifty Caliber Shooters Association

"What are you going to do?  Have a new scope helo-ed (helicopter) to your exact location?" - Aaron former Navy EN-2 with VBSS TEAMs

​​​​Armor Optic

Roll-cage for scopes

List Price  $259.99

Your Price $209.99

You Save   $50.00

Product Intel

​​Armor Optic is a lightweight, carbon-fiber roll-cage for your scope and point of impact.


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Brace Material

PVC Type 2$149.99 / pair
Aluminum                                                                                                  $149.99 / pair


Carbon fiber$59.99
Reinforced carbon fiber (fiber glass core) $109.99

Armor Optic - total price

PVC Type 2 w/ carbon fiber$209.99
PVC Type 2 w/ reinforced carbon fiber$259.99
Aluminum w/ carbon fiber$209.99
Aluminum w/ reinforced carbon fiber       $259.99