A LaRue quick-release tactical mount or magnetic scope mount

Mirror assembly

Material6061 aluminum
FinishHard anodized matte gray
Weight12.0 oz (may vary according to add-ons)
Dimensions                        3.7" x 3.5" x 2.0"


Bullet Points about the Charlie Tarac

Add 10's of MILs to any scope

The Charlie Tarac shifts an incoming target image with mirrors to add a specific MIL or MOA value.  Instead of tilting the scope, requiring slanted rails, elevated scope rings, and changing your cheek position (a real pain in the neck), the Charlie shifts the target image optically (via mirrors) so you change nothing.  The Charlie will shift the target image up (say 30 MILs) so that you have to aim (30 MILs) above the target.  From a shooter's perspective, it will look like you are aiming "low" and you simply have to raise your rifle to reacquire your target in the middle of your cross-hairs.  This is how we add such large MIL values.​  (Please note, units requested in MOA will be set to true MOA, and not shooter's MOA.)

Keep Your 100 Yard Zero

With the Charlie, set your rifle, rail, rings, and cheek position, to 100 yards, and add the MILs only when you need to shoot extreme long range.  "A 100 yard zero is a shooter's lifeline." Ken Decker, a former sniper with 3rd Ranger Battalion.  Also, great for thermal optics.

Built for recoil
The Charlie is used by Todd Hodentt and other groups on .308, .375, .408, and 50 cals without a failure to date.  (We also provide two extension bolts with the magnetic scope mount version for added assurance.) The Charlie Tarac is extremely repeatable (once set and fastened) and you will never have to worry about misalignment.

Fully adjustable

​The Charlie is a fully adjustable unit.  Click here to learn how.

Methods of attachment
​The Charlie Tarac attachs via a LaRue quick-release or directly to your scope's bell/sunshade with magnets and two extension bolts (takes less than 40 seconds).  There are no special wrenches or tools with any Tacomhq's products.  Everything is designed with the end user in mind.  Therefore, bolts are commonly found at Ace Hardware or comparable store.

No barrel mirage
The fact we shift the target image optically before your scope "sees" the image, you will not have to tilt your scope down to look over your barrel and risk of obscuring your image quality from barrel mirage (from a hot day or shooting consecutive rounds).  The front viewing port is purposely built high to mitigate this variable.

Mirrors are highly scratch resistant
The Charlie's mirrors are more scratch resistant than most high-end scopes.

Does not magnify reticle

The Charlie is a standalone device that works as an accessory to your optic to add MIL or MOA.  The Tarac does not magnify your image.  Therefore, a MIL is still a MIL.  If our unit ever failed or broke, just take the Charlie off and still have the full functionality of your optic. 

No turrets
The ultimate goal of the Charlie is to provide an incomparably fast and accurate range adjustment for scopes.  To give you the ability to shoot the reticle (if applicable) and or use your scope's turrets for final adjustment.  As nothing will be faster or more reliable.  In an example offered by Ken Decker formerly with 3rd Ranger Battalion sniper on NRA, if you have a scope with tenth MIL increments, to dial 29 MILs for a mile shot that 290 "clicks."  Either there is going to be mechanical error and you have "ghost clicks" or you will lose count.


Tacomhq will cover all manufacturing defects for 1 year.

Return Policy

All Charlie Tarac units have a 30 day money back guarantee when returned in good-working condition.

Product Intel


The Charlie Tarac is an optical accessory that adds 10 to 120+ MILs to scopes without ever having to change your your rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero.  (MIL or MOA is built to your spec.)

"I called wind and videoed Mitchell Fitzpatrick (a competitive shooter for U.S. Rifle Team, regularly competing against international teams, an Expert for F-Class Long Range, and High Master for F-Class Midrange) hit at 4044 yards on a sub moa plate while he used this (the Charlie Tarac) product.  Unbelievable how close we were to the first shot on elevation.  Just 1.5 moa low and thats bc the custom curve at AB wasn't updated for the projectile we were using" – Chase Stroud


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​​​Charlie TARAC

Add 120+ MILs to scopes

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"The 2701 yard shot was doable with regular scope elevation. A 2 mile shot for me might take up to 50 mils or 60 mils (....) You then need a ridiculous amount of cheek elevation (....) bottom line in all this is to support the concept of a TARAC so that you don't need ridiculous scope cant/elevation and cheek rise." – Dan



Scope adapter (can be purchased separately)                                                                            $359.99 / each  


Charlie Taracs

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Scope mount Charlie Tarac with adapter* (4 month payment plan)$381.25

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