"This will be my third AR build, but my first ultra-precision build. The project has just started and though (...) I was formerly going with Proof Research, I was sold on your technology when I saw it at SHOT 2017, and after seeing your genius Charlie Tarac featured on "Mark and Sam After Work" on YouTube." – David

Structured Barrel

No barrel whip

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Bullet Points about Structured Barrels

No barrel whip

​​Structured Barrels have virtually no barrel whip.  Comparable to wrapping your standard barrel in a series of I-beams, Structured Barrels do not flex, bend, or undergo sinusoidal twisting.

Physics in our favor

​Structured Barrels take advantage of a physics principle called axial compression that describes how a tube is stronger than a solid rod of equal size and mass.  Inherently, the hole pattern prevents sinusoidal twisting for when one of the holes in the pattern begins to "bend", one side of that hole goes into tension and the other into compression.  This triggers the opposing hole, opposite of it in the hole pattern, to undergo compression and tension, 180 degrees out of sync.  The opposing forces cancel out and the barrel does not undergo any "whip."  We act (not react) to physics to eliminate barrel whip.

A barrel that acts like a heat sink

The Structure pattern creates over 300% more surface area than a standard barrel for cooling.  The high surface area to volume ratio makes Structured Barrels act like a heat sink, pulling heat away from the chamber.  Breather ports near the barrel's throat work in conjunction with the multi-bore design to induce convection cooling, as well as forced cooling.

Hyper rigidity

Every Structured Barrel is sub 0.5 MOA shooting 168, 175, 180, 190, 200, 210, 215, 225, and 230 gr (all from the same barrel.)  Most are sub 1/4 MOA (aka one hole groups), having the unique quality of producing vertical strings as you change rounds.  Essentially, you will never change your horizontal impact position.  All of the rounds have easily been within 0.5 MOA left to right no matter the grain or load.

Weight comparable to standard barrels

Structured Barrels weigh approximately 6.5 lbs at 29 inches.  (A standard barrel weighs 5 lbs at 22 to 24 inches.)​  Before Structuring, the 29 inch long 1.5 inch diameter blank weighs a heavy 15 lbs.  To reduce weight without compromising the benefit of a "heavy" barrel, which are proven to be more accurate and easier to tune (since they are not as susceptible to circular vibrations), we Structure each blank, removing weight, making it stronger, and increase surface area for cooling.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the results, and our Structured Barrel does not perform to our expectations, we will buy it back. We are that confident.


Structured Barrel hyper-rigid and multi-bored

​​Structured Barrels are a large diameter 8-hole hyper rigid barrel that have virtually no barrel whip.  The Structure reinforces the main chamber (with "I-Beams") and creates over 300% more surface area for rapid (convection or forced) cooling.  Structured Barrels are 100% US built, and made from 1.5 inch 416R Stainless Steel Broughton Barrels with the 5C ® process.  (However, we can Structure any large OD barrel:  Ruger, Savage, Krieger, etc.)

Product Intel

​​Structured Barrels are a large diameter 8-hole hyper rigid barrel that have virtually no barrel whip.



Available calibers are .224, .243, .257, .264, .270, .284, .308, .338, .375, and 50 cal.  


Your gunsmith will be in charge of chambering.

​Determined at time of purchase order.

Determined at time of purchase order.

Bring Your Own Barrel (BYOB)

We can Structure any barrel (Ruger, Savage, Krieger, etc.) at a price reduction of $400 as long as the outer diameter (OD) meets the below parameters:

Outer Diamter (inches)Caliber
     1.5    < .308
     1.625    .308 - .338
     2    > .338




Falling angelRandomized halos cut the lateral length of the barrel (increases surface area)
SandblastedA dull, non-reflective finish
Matte hard anodizeBlack, gray, or tan


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