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​​​​​TACOMHQ was founded by John and Jacob Baker (father and son).  John used his optical engineering degree and thirty (30) years manufacturing as project and technical director and ISO-TS quality system experience to establish a new product category for optics.  John and Jacob developed a series of products that are radically changing the way the industry looks at a rifle and its support components with simple, yet ingenious ideas.

​Having already shattered two long standing world records for longest confirmed sniper kill and two-time world's longest shot measuring 5,000 yards (2.84 miles) and 6,012 yards (3.42 miles) made with the Charlie and Delta TARAC by retired US Navy Seal sniper Charlie Melton @charliemikeprecision and World Champion Paul Phillips @elr_shooter, respectively, TACOMHQ and its products command results.

Our supporters include Accuracy 1st, Applied Ballistics, Brad Stair, Bryan Litz, Charlie Melton, David Tubb, Derek Rodgers, Eduardo Fontcuberta, Frank Galli, "Mad Max" Mullen, McMillan, Mark and Sam after Work, Mitchell Fitzpatrick, Paul Phillips, Rex Tibor, and Todd Hodnett.

​From father and son, we want to thank everyone who has supported us and TACOMHQ.  We hope to continue to return the favor and support you with products of the highest quality so you too can command results that are nothing but the best.

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God Bless and good shooting.

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