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Tarac adapters are available as a rail or scope mount.  Rail mount adapters are featured with a quality BoBro mount that is self-adjusting, and fit both the Charlie and Macro Delta.  Scope adapters are available for a 40mm objective and above.  The 50mm universally fits magnetic Macro and Bravo lenses.  A 56mm fits the Charlie.  Scope mount adapters thread directly to your scope like a sunshade, and magnetically attach Tarac accessories via four powerful rare-earth magnets.  With Tarac adapters you can outfit an entire arsenal of rifles so you can shoot your reticle without having to touch your zero ie your life line.  It is cost effective, easy to use, and dummy-proof.



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As Seen On​ History Channel's Sniper:  The Ultimate Competition

Magnetic sunshades fit 56mm Tarac adapters.  It provides an ample mount for a lens cap so once you attach and vertically plumb your Tarac with your scope you will never have to detach it, and your scope's objective will not get scratched from dirt and debris.  Magnetic sunshades consist of an aluminum ring with four powerful rare-earth magnets that lock the shade in place.


(​Rail or scope)

Tarac lenses enable you to outfit one (or multiple rifles) for 5.56, 7.62, or .300 Blackout.  Instantly switch from CQB to long range or subsonic via a pop-up.  Each lens comes ballistically matched so you can stay behind the trigger on target and less time having to recall your ballistics.  Operators with no training are able to use the Alpha with an EOTech hit 500 yard targets shooting 5.56 with one-fourth the rounds.  Simply put your aim point on a 500 yard target and pull the trigger.  It is cost effective, easy to use, and dummy-proof.


Micro Alpha $100.

Macro Alpha $100.

Magnetic Macro Alpha / Bravo $200.

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