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For a 20" barrel and is +$30/inch thereafter ​(price does not include barrel).

+$100 Fallen angel (randomized sequence of concentric circles cut into the barrel to further reduce the barrel undergoing harmonics).

+$100 Spiral pattern.
​+$50 Sandblast (further increases surface area to dissipate heat and reduces barrel reflection).


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Military and competitive shooters


Structure a barrel from any leading manufacturer to maximize performance


A cooler barrel that is ultra rigid and accurate

Compatible Chasis

McRees, Mirage ULR, ​and Tubb® Adaptive Target Rifle

Compatible Barrels

Any barrel that meets OD requirements (see below)


~ 0.24 lbs per inch (weight may vary)


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Structured Barrels are a large diameter, eight-hole hyper rigid barrel that have virtually no barrel whip and are harmonically dead.  This aftermarket solution creates an eight-hole ("I-Beam") Structure that both reinforces the main chamber and adds three hundred percent more surface area, effectively making your barrel a heat sink.

Sub 3/8 MOA
​Structured Barrels take advantage of a physics principle called axial compression where a tube is always stronger than a rod of equal size and mass.  Inherently, the Structure pattern makes each hole act like a tube, resisting tension and compression forces, because as one hole in the pattern begins to "bend", one side of that hole goes into tension and the other into compression.  This triggers the opposing hole, opposite of it in the hole pattern, to undergo compression and tension, 180 degrees out of sync.  The opposing forces cancel out making Structured Barrels harmonically dead, hyper rigid, and sub 3/8 MOA across a wide variety of calibers, munitions, and grain weights.

3rd Party Analysis

Coastal Precision Consulting is a custom load development company.  Click here to read their complete analysis for barrel heat.  Click here to read their findings for harmonics.

Breather ports near the barrel's throat convection and force cool your barrel.  As each round is shot, the negative pressure generated by the bullet passing through the muzzle pulls cool air through the breather ports and up its neck with so much force, dust and dirt will imprint itself on the back of your muzzle.

Prolonged Barrel Life
This inherent property of Structured Barrels running cooler greatly prolongs barrel life.  By better controlling when your barrel undergoes critical thermodynamic transition points, thereby controlling its inherit material attributes, via rapid heat dissipation, Structured Barrels see remarkably less throat erosion, fire cracking (looks like alligator skin), and gas jetting (deep, irregular lines/groves) compared to a non-Structured Barrel.   The below images highlight these distinct visual differences.  The first image (left) is a non-Structured 6mm Ruger Precision barrel with less than 400 rounds.  The second image (center) is a Structured 6mm Broughton barrel with less than 400 rounds.  The third image (right) is a non-Structured 6.5-06 AI Krieger barrel with less than 150 rounds. 

Non-Structured Ruger Barrel

Image from @tacomhq

Tactical Command Headquarters

Structured Barrels are ideal for precision rifles with its hyper rigid properties and flexibility to shoot virtually anything you chamber.  Alternatively, Structured Barrels are also ideal for rifles or machine guns with sustained or high rate of fire ie LMGs due to its radical cooling properties.  Please note we are not in the business of making barrels - we Structure to make barrels the best.​   Any barrel can be Structured so long as the blank meets our OD (outer diameter) requirements.

​OD Blank Requirements 
< .338 must have a 1.75" OD (finished OD is ~1.50")
​>/= .338 must have a 2.0" OD (finished OD is ~1.90")