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The Bravo Tarac is an optical accessory that enables you to instantly add or subtract up to 30 MOA to your scope.  It is just like the Alpha, but a scope mount versus a rail mount.

Primarily used with -
Optics:  40mm objective and above (limit 20x magnification)

Add or subtract MOA
Each Tarac lens features a small ridge on its outer face to identify the direction of the MOA shift +/-, and by orienting the ridge up or down will add or subtract MOA, respectively.  The Bravo consists of a scope adapter that threads onto your scope like a sunshade and lenses attach magnetically.  The Bravo enables you to shoot your reticle without turrets for speed and efficiency, or pull a 1,000 yard zero back to 100 yards if you are a long range shooter with slanted rails or rings.  They are compact and easily stacked to fit in a coat, pant, or tactical vest pocket.​

Standard shifts are 10 and 20 MOA (round numbers easy to keep track in your head), but Bravos can be customized to order and can go as high as 30 MOA.  Values at 21.0+ MOA will be featured with a cat-eye lens to reduce chromatic aberration.  TACOMHQ recommends using the Charlie for anything >/= 30 MOA (or 10 MIL) to retain image quality under magnification. ​

​The Bravo Tarac is the intermediary between the Alpha and Charlie for its components can be adapted to either product.  Tarac lenses for a 50mm Bravo fit the magnetic Macro Alpha and a 56mm Bravo fits a Charlie scope adapter. ​

Military Durable
​The Bravo consists of military grade glass that is more scratch resistant than most high-end scopes, and where most optical glass is accurate within arc minutes, ours is within arc seconds.   Everything is a billet.  Nothing is cast.

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Hunters and PRS
Application             Instantly add or subtract elevation to scopes
Compatible Optics            40mm objective and above (limit 20x magnification)
Material6061 Aluminum
FinishHard Anodized Matte Gray
Weight5-7 oz
Dimensions3.25" x 3.0" x 1.25"
Offsets10.0 and 20.0 MOA (or custom)
Tactical CaseBlack 1040 Pelican Case w/ foam