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The Alpha Tarac is an optical accessory that enables you to instantly switch from CQB to long range or subsonic via a pop-up.

Structured Barrels are a large diameter, eight-hole hyper rigid barrel that have virtually no barrel whip and are harmonically dead.  The eight-hole ("I-Beam") Structure both reinforces the main chamber and adds three hundred percent more surface area, effectively making your barrel a heat sink.


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The Bravo Tarac is an optical accessory that enables you to instantly add or subtract 10 to 30 MOA to your scope.

Armor Optic is an optical accessory made to safeguard your point of impact (aka your "zero") and your optic from hazards like being dropped without interfering with its controls and visual operation.​

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Tarac adapters and lenses enable you to outfit an entire arsenal of rifles with a single Tarac or maximize the ballistic capability of one rifle for 5.56, 7.62, or .300 Blackout.  Shoot your reticle without having to touch your 100 yard zero ie your life line so you can stay behind the trigger on target and less time having to recall your ballistics.

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Magnetic sunshades provide an ample mount for a lens cap so once you attach and vertically plumb your Tarac with your scope you will never have to detach it, and your scope's objective will not get scratched from dirt and debris.  Magnetic sunshades consist of an aluminum ring with four powerful rare-earth magnets that lock the shade in place.