The Bravo is just like the Alpha, but is a scope mount versus a rail mount and enables you to add or subtract up to 25 moa for a total of 50 moa (15 mil) of instant elevation adjustment.


The Charlie Tarac is an optical accessory that instantly adds elevation to scopes without having to change your rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero ie turrets and enables you to shoot with full magnification.


​​Armor Optic is an optical accessory made to safeguard your point of impact (aka your "zero") and your optic from hazards like being dropped without interfering with its controls and visual operation.​  Armor Optic is ergonomically engineered to also serve as a carry-handle, a brace against a car door, a building window, or under a vehicle, a lanyard attachment point in helicopters for transport/security, and a quick attachment point for camouflage for snipers.​

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LE, SWAT, Military, and Special forces
Application             For operators wanting to protect their scope and point of impact
ResultMaintain zero and focus on your mission, and not what is happening to your rifle
Compatible Optics        Any scope or thermal optic
Brace Material6061 Aluminum or Type II PVC
FinishHard Anodized Matte Gray (aluminum only)
Rod MaterialCarbon fiber or reinforced carbon fiber
Weight10 oz (varies by model, scope, and selected add-ons)


​​Armor Optic fits around your already mounted scope and attaches to the picatinny rail via two rail adapters:
1) Insert the carbon fiber rods into the braces.  
2) Place rail adapters onto the picatinny rail.  
3) Position braces onto clamps.
4) Insert and tighten all bolts at 50 in/lbs.


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EAR Controlled


​(Sniper Observation Team)

​Starting at $3,950


Armor Optic is an optical accessory made to safeguard your point of impact (aka your "zero") and your optic from hazards like being dropped without interfering with its controls and visual operation.​

Can be used with -
​Rifles:  Any rifle
Optics:  Any scope including thermal optics

Armor Optic consists of aluminum braces and carbon fiber rods ergonomically engineered to isolate and collapse away from your optic in the event of absolute failure, and serves as a carry-handle, a brace against a car door, a building window, or under a vehicle, a lanyard attachment point for transport/security, and a quick attachment point for camouflage.

​Every operator never wants to lose zero, especially in competition or on a hunt, and something as simple as a light knock creates doubt.  Scopes and rifles are engineered to be robust and withstand great punishment.  However, the attachment point that connects gun to optic is not.  Every shooter goes through great lengths to safeguard this susceptible connection point because we know a light knock may move your scope a few thousandths or twist it few degrees with unwanted cant - the difference being on target versus missing by a few feet.  Armor Optic is enables you to solely focus on the situation, and not what is happening to your rifle.​​

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Reinforced carbon fiber rods +$50.

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