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ProductMacro Alpha Tarac 11.5 MOA

User Background: 13+ years in United States Special Operations Command (USASOC) units. #specialforces Sniper Course level 1 & 2 graduate. Extensive training and operational experience in CQB and long range #sniper operations.

User Experience: The Alpha was utilized for 6 months of operational experience while deployed to the *REDACTED* AOR.

Environmental ConditionsConsisted of a mean ambient temperature of 109*F, with extreme wind and dust conditions.

User Comments: Unit was received a few days prior to deployment. Working through email, Ken Decker was extremely helpful in ensuring that the build process was quick and manufactured to the specific needs of the user. Once deployed, the unit was mounted on a M4 10.3", 14.5" and 16" upper receiver groups (URG). The 10.3" URG optic consisted of an Aimpoint, Inc. T-2 Micro, 14.5" 1-6x ELCAN SPECTRE DR, and the 16" URG utilized a Leupold Optics MK-6 3-18mm Scope. The Alpha TARAC integrated with each URG seamlessly. The Unit shipped with a quick reference card for 3 different ammo DODIC's most commonly used by USASOC units for the 3 different URG (User Requested). This was requested to be built for an M4 shooting 5.56mm but after using the unit after only a few hours, it was evident that it would be useful on any of the weapons systems a USASOC unit has. The tactical mount makes mounting extremely fast and secure. Put it on in front of the optic and it's ready to go. That simple, no tools required. Ease of use also saves trainers time to train a young soldier on holdovers. No holdover is necessary. Just flip it up and engage your target. The Alpha TARAC will increase a unit's hit probability beyond 300m (#army Standard Qual Range) guaranteeing greater successful target engagements. The absolute best feature about this unit, is the ability to customize the unit for any added bias needed to meet operational requirements. This feature is incredibly useful with untrained #snipers or precision rifleman. The user can have a unit built to a weapons point blank zero and now that weapon is immeasurably more lethal in the hands of any soldier.​

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4 SOF Operator
Product:  Macro Alpha 7.5 MOA​

User Background: *RANK REDACTED* 3RD Ranger Battalion Assaulter

User Comments: Initially, I didn't see much use for a carbine prism, as I knew all my mil holds to 800m with 5.56, 7.62 and WM. I'm someone who hates BDC reticles in ACOGS and Elcans because I could get better hits with holds. I didn't really see why I'd ever run a prism because it's basically doing the same thing. (though you're still holding on a target in the bottom of your field of view with a BDC and not with a prism).

I only really switched over to the Alpha on my personal gun about 9 months ago, and that was due to running a 1-6 vortex back to back with and without the Alpha on a UKD range from 25-500m.

I don't really see much point in a 100m zero on a 5.56, so I use a 50/200m battlefield zero. That way its quasi-point of aim=point of impact to about ~300m and with the Alpha (in 7.5MOA) it gets you on at 400m and lethal to 500. I got decent hit percentage without it, but it took me longer to eyeball the distance. With the prism, I just flipped it up when it looked too far and held center mass out to ~500, where I favored high on the target. Improved my hit probability by about 30% and got me 1st round hits at 400+ (its waaaay more of an obvious difference on someone who doesn't have dope memorized.. like night and day better). Granted, if I took the time and 12" drilled the targets, my hits were about the same or slightly better than without the prism, but I was going for efficiency of time/total rounds. I then ran the same course with an Aimpoint T2 with a 3x magnifier (with the prism) and actually ended up with my fastest time, mainly due to the ability to switch mag quickly and do center holds without thinking about it. 

Its even more useful with thermals, honestly. Mainly because, in my experience, when you mag in on a thermal optic, dudes look all Mario Brothers pixelated and your reticle washes out against a bright black and white target image. The ability to hold center takes a lot of the thought process out.  The end goal of the optic in general is to take out the guesswork.  Honestly, its never going to replace a qualified and proficient marksman. I still don't technically need a prism, I'm just faster with one, so I use it.

I do all my own math (mostly just using my Kestrel and DODICs I have saved) so every shift is a ballpark, as MVs and BCs are relative from gun to gun, but the Alpha will get me a hit without question.  I just recommended 10.5 MOA to a Tm7 guy because he's using 55gr in shorties with a 25/300m zero and 77gr mk262 in a M4A1 with a 100m zero. That shift takes him to 500m on the shorty and ~400 with the M4.  

My go-to is 7.5 MOA, as it will take a 62gr M855A1 (and 175gr SMK 7.62) in either 25/300 or 50/200 zeroes to 500 or 400m, respectively, AS WELL as take a 100m subsonic .300blk zero to a 100m supersonic zero.  Sort of a one- size fits all.


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ProductMacro Alpha TARAC 7.5 MOA​

User Background: *RANK REDACTED* Corps of Royal Marines, LNO (liaison noncommissioned officer) Instructor: Scout Sniper Instructor School, Weapons Training Battalion, USMC Quantico

User Comments:The Alpha TARAC is small, lightweight and considered a 'plug and play' device.  The unit undoubtedly increases the probability of a first round engagement and mitigates a holdover at range.  Versatile in nature, the unit can be utilized with multiple optics (regardless of objective lens size) and on any weapons platform affixed with a picatinny rail system.  With no additional training and cost beyond that of the optic, the Alpha TARAC can most certainly shape the battlefield in the favor of the shooter.  I have indeed utilized the Bravo TARAC on an M4 platform and as anticipated, I'm very impressed with the results. An increase in hit probability is certainly guaranteed.  As discussed my intent is to showcase and utilize the product, upon return to the United Kingdom post *REDACTED*, on the SA80 A2 platform. I will most certainly keep in touch and provide further feedback in due course.


Tactical Command Headquarters

2 SOF Operator

Product: Alpha TARAC 9 / 11.5 MOA

User Background: 7+ years in United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course (SFARTAETC) graduate, grad of Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller Course (SOTACC) and, Sensitive Site Exploitation Course. Multiple rotations through *REDACTED* and *REDACTED* AOR. Extensive training and real world experience in close quarters battle, direct action, and counter terrorism roles. Multiple assignments to USASOC Crisis Response Force units tasked with AOR CT operations. 

User Experience: The Alpha TARAC Macro/Micro were utilized during a * TIME REDACTED* months long deployment to the *REDACTED* AOR conducting direct action operations against a myriad of threat networks. 

Environmental Conditions: Alpha TARAC utilized during both summer and winter months with operational temperatures dropping into the low teens with highs in the upper 90s to low 100s F, at times extreme dust and wind conditions existed. 

User Comments: Units were received during initial month in country. Customer service utilized during the deployment was exclusively email and personal contact through a TACOMHQ military rep.  The units supplied were tailored towards individual needs of the warfighter, each optic being custom fit to bullet grain/BC and weapon system alike. The smaller micro CQB variant unit was provided for standard M4 with a 50/200 meter zero with 77 grain 5.56 and gave the weapon a 500m zero. Once the units arrived in country the Alpha TARAC was attached to a 14.5 standard SOCOM modified M4A1 with a Leupold LCO optic. The secondary macro unit was placed upon a FN 240B 7.62 belt fed machine gun utilizing an ELCAN 6X fixed power optic. Both units shipped with a quick reference guide for multiple common Army DODICs detailing the alternate zeroes provided by the Alphas by type of round and muzzle velocity.

After a short time it became increasingly apparent how easy and capable the system was to use scaled across the wide variety of SOCOM weapon systems. The attractiveness of the system is in its simplicity. With the operator simply having to mount the optic in front of their main optic system, it is ready to go. Due to the operational scope and practice of a special operations unit today, simplicity is of paramount importance for warfighter implementation. Most often simplicity boils down to pure effectiveness and lethality, with a point and shoot methodology being completely embodied by this weapon optic system. This fact was proven over a six month period of time with the optic being utilized over varied terrain and distance.

The TARAC provided greater ability for myself and adjacent indigenous/infantry enablers to engage enemy insurgents across distances greater than 300m and within 600m, utilizing point and shoot methodologies rather than complicated holdovers reliant upon range cards or extensive training. The undoubtable reality of the TARAC optic is its ability to effectively and dramatically increase SOCOM units’ lethality and capability at extended ranges, increasing the likelihood of deadly effects upon the enemy.

There was an increased hit probability by both single shot man portable (M4A1) weapon systems as well as belt fed crew served weapons (M240B) as well. The ability of the TACOMAHQ TARAC optic to be utilized by the lowest common denominator support soldier to a highly trained SOCOM operator is universal and its ability to scale between weapon systems and individuals in invaluable. The TARAC would be an invaluable tool if added to any SOCOM end users weapon systems and armament.