CQB to Long Range Target Acquisition (TARAC)

Turn a 25 yard zero to 600 yards instantly.  Each Alpha is built to order.  For your custom BA optic (ballistic application), select a MOA value listed in the below charts (7.5, 11.5, 15, or 29.5 MOA) to shoot designated range.  Click here to order.  Custom MOA values available at no additional charge.  (Actual results may vary.  ~ Indicates threat to man-sized target.)

Distance in meters (Ex. flip a 25m zero to 515m with a 7.5 MOA lens)

RiflesArmy SOP Battlefield Zero7.5 MOA11.5 MOA15 MOA29.5 MOA
M425 - 300515587~~
M1625 - 300550625~~
M24925 - 300520595~~
SCAR MK117 M80 Ball25 - 300466543600800
SCAR MK117 M118LR25 - 300466543600800
M14 M80 Ball25 - 300483565635858
M14 M118LR25 - 300483565635858

Distance in yards (Ex. flip a 27yd zero to 563yd with a 7.5 MOA lens)

RiflesArmy SOP Battlefield Zero7.5 MOA11.5 MOA15 MOA29.5 MOA
M427 - 328563642~~
M1627 - 328601684~~
M24927 - 328569651~~
SCAR MK117 M80 Ball27 - 328
SCAR MK117 M118LR27 - 328
M14 M80 Ball27 - 328
M14 M118LR27 - 328

Product Intel

Breaching / LE Target Acquisition (TARAC)

Turn a 100 yard zero to 15ft (or comparable distance) instantly.  Each Alpha is built to order.  For your custom BA optic (ballistic application),  click here to order and to submit the below information:

1)  Your (current) operating zero (ex. 100yd)

2)  Your new BA zero (ex. 15, 20, 25ft)

3)  Distance from center bore to center of reticle (must be exact)​

IMPORTANT:  Shooting distances other than your BA zero (+/- ft) will result in rapid POI (point of impact) variances.


Alpha Tarac Custom BA Pop-ups

Micro 1.25" lens Alpha Tarac$240  
Macro 2.25" lens Alpha Tarac$365
Macro 2.25" magnetic lens Alpha Tarac$630

Order between 7.5 to 29.5 MOA or custom.

Phone:  +1 (630) 251-8919                                          Email:  info@tacomhq.com                                       PO Box 268 Sheridan, IL 60551

ApplicationLE, SWAT, military personnel, special forces, and 3 gun
Ballistic Applications              Breaching (100yd zero to 15ft) / Urban combat (25yd zero to 600yd) / Subsonic
Available lens sizes1.25" or 2.25"
Optics for Micro (1.25") AlphaAimpoints and 1-6x scopes
Optics for Macro (2.25") AlphaEOTechs
Material6061 aluminum
FinishHard anodized
ColorsMatte gray, black, Army green
Weight5-6 oz
Dimensions<3.8" x 2.0" x 1.0"
MountsLaRue QR tactical mount
Shift7.5 to 29.5 MOA or custom
Tactical CaseBlack 1020 Pelican Case w/ foam



Subsonic Target Acquisition (TARAC)

Run 5.56 then .300 Blackout instantly without changing your zero or adjustments.  Each Alpha is built to order as values vary greatly from round to round.  For your custom BA optic (ballistic application), click here to order.  (You will need to provide us with an exact MOA value.)

Urban Combat (CQB to Long Range)

Detailed Intelligence

Supersonic to Subsonic


Bullet Points

​​​​​​Alpha TARAC

Starting Price  $270

Your Price        $240

You Save​          $30

1 optic for magnification

1 optic for ballistics

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"There's no room for mistake.  Flip it up and you're good to go" - Zach

"I highly encourage if you're a rifle, carbine shooter to check it out.  Talking about reaching out to touch somebody turns every rifleman into a long range designated shooter." - "Max Max" Mullen 75th Ranger Hall of Fame

"I actually considered selling my MRO and getting an ACOG, but because of your system, I no longer have to." - John

Breaching (LE / SWAT)

Overview of the Alpha TARAC (Target Acquisition)

The Alpha Tarac is a flip-up optical accessory built for ARs (or comparable rifles) to switch from CQB to long range, from 100yd zero to 15ft, or to subsonic - instantly - using a lens.

Each lens will shift an operator's zero to a new value, and depending on the magnitude of the shift will determine its (ballistic) application.  A 11.5 MOA shift on Rifle 1 will also shift exactly 11.5 MOA on Rifle 2.  So by knowing your ballistics, you can quickly and accurately pop-on a new ballistic range to any series of rifles.

Lenses can be swapped by removing one bolt, and we never use special bolts or wrenches.  Everything is designed with the end user - you - in mind.  Bolts can be found at Ace Hardware (or comparable store).  The Macro Alpha (the 2.25" lens model) has an available magnetic option to magnetically swap lenses.  This affords you the ability to swap lenses instantly without tools.  Therefore, if you have multiple rifles, you could use one Macro Alpha and a series of lenses customized to each rifle.  Or, if you have one rifle, you could use one Macro Alpha and a series of lenses customized to each ballistic application so you could breach, switch from CQB to Long Range, and shoot subsonic with your M4 (in this example, each application require its own lens).  

Again, this option of switching lenses is available on all Alpha models.  Either swap lenses by removing one bolt (easy) or magnetically (easy).

1.25" lens vs 2.25" lens

The Micro 1.25" lens makes for an extremely small, compact unit built to match Aimpoints (or comparable optics) and 1-6x scopes.  The Macro 2.25" lens offers significantly larger field of view, and with the magnetic add-on operators can swap lenses for different ballistic applications without tools and with a snap.  Both can be used for either breaching, CQB to long range, or subsonic.

Out-of-the-box weapon ready

When you receive your unit, there will be no need for adjustment.  Mount anywhere on your rail in front of your optic (flipping toward or away from your optic) with the LaRue QR.

600 is the new 300

There is absolutely no training or understanding of ballistics or holdovers required to shoot 600 yds when using the Alpha.  Just flip, aim (put the center dot on target), and pull the trigger.

Use with a magnifier

Use the Alpha with your magnifier for a complete tactical advantage.  One optic for magnification.  One optic for ballistics.


Counting holdover dots in (a high-octane) fire fight may not always be the simplest task.  Flipping an optic and focusing on one MOA dot is.  With the Alpha, instantly increase range and combat effectiveness with just one dot and pull the trigger.

Does not magnify reticle

The Alpha Tarac will not magnify your reticle.  Therefore, your 2 MOA dot will stay 2 MOA and you will not run the risk of covering your target.  If our unit ever failed, just flip it down or pull it off and you still have a full functionality of your optic.

Lenses are highly scratch resistant

Lenses are highly scratch resistant and harder than most high-end scopes.  These units are meant to be quickly rinsed in a bucket of (soapy) water and left out to dry.  (Keep bolts oiled.)


TACOMHQ will cover all manufacturing defects for one year.

​Return Policy

Thirty day money back guarantee when returned in good-working condition.