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Protect Your POI

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Overview of Armor Optic

Armor Optic is a lightweight, carbon fiber roll-cage to safeguard your scope and POI (point of impact) from hazards, such as being dropped, while allowing you full access to your scope and its controls (even with gloves) and without interfering with visual operation.​

Losing your zero
"While Armor Optic may not protect your scope from every hazard, it will safeguard your POI.  It will prevent something from hitting, directly, your scope and either damaging it to prevent its use, or knocking it out of physical mounting, mechanical, or optical alignment requiring remounting or re-zeroing." - FCSA

​Built-in tactical features

The carbon fiber rods that run the length of the unit serve as a carry-handle through brush or over obstacles.  The braces provide the brace point against a car door, a building window, or on the pavement under a vehicle in an off-axis shooting position for tactical users.  The "turret viewing ports" double as a lanyard attachment point for transport / security.  Finally, by flipping rifle over, the roll-cage doubles as a makeshift cleaning station. 

Access to turret controls

Each brace are ergonomically engineered to allow you full physical access to your scope and its controls (even with gloves) and not interfere with visual operation.  

Total punishment

Armor Optic's braces are also engineered (in the event of absolute failure) to collapse away from the scope, absorbing and dissipating energy, to minimize the risk to the scope and your POI.  Isolating your scope from primary hazards such as being dropped or something striking the scope.

Tacomhq will cover all manufacturing defects for 1 year.

​Return Policy
Thirty day money back guarantee when returned in good-working condition.

It's common knowledge scopes are expensive, they have superb warranties, and "Your scope should cost at least as much as your rifle."  

However, accidents tend to happen when it most inconvenient, and in that instant warranties do not help.  "While it may not be immediately appealing to the eye, it serves a purpose in preventing a very real threat to your optics." (FCSA).

As an operator, sometimes we only get one shot - in a hunt, a competition, a hostage situation, or when havingto neutralize a high value target.  With Armor Optic, you can expect your rifle to be and stay on target.

Armor Optic fits around your already mounted scope and attaches to to the picatinny rail via two rail adapters:

1) Insert the carbon fiber rods into the braces.  

2) Place rail adapters onto the picatinny rail.  

3) Position braces onto clamps.

4) Insert and tighten all bolts.

"While it may not be immediately appealing to the eye, it serves a purpose in preventing a very real threat to your optics." - Fifty Caliber Shooters Association

"What are you going to do?  Have a new scope helo-ed (helicopter) to your exact location?" - Aaron former Navy EN-2 with VBSS TEAMs

"You're piece gave me 100% confidence and ease-of-mind in the field and overall competition abuse."  - Jaime from Fort Benning's International Sniper Competition

Armor Optic - Total price

PVC Type 2 w/ carbon fiber rods$210         
PVC Type 2 w/ reinforced carbon fiber rods$260
Aluminum w/ carbon fiber rods$210
Aluminum w/ reinforced carbon fiber rods    $260

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ApplicationSWAT, military, special forces, competition shooters
ComponentsBraces, rods, rail adapters
Brace MaterialPVC Type 2 or 6061 aluminum
PVC PropertiesChemical resistant and best in-class for impact resistance
Aluminum PropertiesBest in-class for size (thinner and smaller)
Rod MaterialCarbon fiber or reinforced carbon fiber
Carbon FiberBest in-class for weight
Reinforced Carbon FiberBest in-class for protection
FinishHard anodize (aluminum only)
ColorsMatte gray, black, or Army green

~ 10oz (varies by model, scope, and selected add-ons)