The Charlie Tarac is an optical accessory that adds zero (0) to 250 MIL (or 800 MOA) to scopes instantly  without having to change your rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero and enables you to shoot with full magnification.

The Alpha Tarac is an optical accessory that enables you to point and click center reticle using your Aimpoint, EOTech, or Trijicon MRO out to 600m on your AR or instantly switch from super to subsonic via a pop-up.​

The Delta Tarac is a standalone optical accessory that shifts the image center line from over your barrel to its side so nothing interferes with your line of sight ie heat from a barrel or suppressor (perfect for assault rifles) or a muzzle for those looking to engage long range targets.


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Welcome to Tactical Command Headquarters.  This is home of the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta TARAC, Armor Optic, and Structured Barrels.  Active US military and veterans/LE earn 10% and 5% OFF*, respectively, all our products when using a personal card (not combinable with volume discounts).  We ship domestically (UPS Ground) and internationally (typically FedEx) so whether you are here to order or conduct reconnaissance thank you for your visit.  Please like us on Facebook and Instagram @tacomhq to stay up-to-date on all of our newest product developments.

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The Bravo Tarac is an optical accessory that enables you to add or subtract up to 25 MOA for a total of 50 moa (15 mil) of instant elevation adjustment.  It is just like the Alpha, but a scope mount versus a rail mount.

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Structured Barrels are a large diameter, multi-hole hyper rigid barrel that have virtually no barrel whip and are harmonically dead.  The multi-hole ("I-Beam") Structure both reinforces the main chamber and adds three hundred percent more surface area, effectively making your barrel a heat sink.

Armor Optic is an optical accessory made to safeguard your point of impact (aka your "zero") and your optic from hazards like being dropped or fast roping without interfering with its controls and visual operation.​